Friday, May 18, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 86: Costumes

First, thank you so much Monica from Beyond the Lone Islands for correcting me on the Postcards for the weekend # for last week. I have edited the post and entered the right #.

For this weekend, our theme is costumes.

LV-257306, Sent from Riga, Latvia
Travelled 9,267 in 17 days

On this postcard are folk costumes from Latvia. I noticed plenty of fabric, beautiful headdresses, and belts. I wonder which areas of Latvia each were from ...

This postcard was given to me as a souvenir from Kenya. The Maasai is an ethnic group found in Kenya and Tanzania. A red sheet worn around the body is a preferred item of clothing.

Happy weekend,

Friday, May 11, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 85: Handicraft / artwork

RU-1303535, Sent from Barnaul
Travelled 5,394 km in 17 days

Matryoshka or the Russian nesting doll. I counted 11 dolls, how about you? According to Wikipedia, the largest set of matryoshka consisted of 51 wooden dolls.

I'm keeping this one short this weekend as I need to wake up early tomorrow for work.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!


Friday, May 4, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 84: Anything you wish

In my home country, the Philippines, summer months are starting in May. The temperature and humidity rise and most daytimes feel like living in a microwave oven. If I recall correctly, the warmest and most humid month here in Singapore happens to be in May as well. We still get rain, but it's warm rain.

Hence, the mind often thinks of cooling down. And of course, the best destination always is the beach. As such, for our theme of anything you wish, here are a few sandy postcards from the Philippines.

The WOW Philippines was a tourism marketing campaign that started back in 2002. On this postcard, it focuses on Boracay, one of the Philippines' major beach destinations.  

Plenty of local and foreign tourists flock to Boracay, regardless of the season. Recently, the Philippine government has announced the closure of the island starting 26 April 2018 for 6 months. This is to give way for environmental rehabilitation. 

I've never been to Boracay myself. So now, I'm planning to head there as soon as it re-opens.

Happy weekend everyone,

Friday, April 27, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 83: Patterns & prints

I had a minor accident last Sunday evening that has limited my mobility. Since I changed my laptop the week before and the scanned copy of my postcards were temporarily moved to my portable hard drive, I don't have access both to the actual postcards and the scanned copies at the moment. I've been staying at my boyfriend's place since the accident and my portable hard drive is in the office and the actual postcards are at my place. Thankfully, I have some scans that are still yet to be cleaned up from my e-mail. It might be a bit of stretch for this weekend's theme but I hope these still works :)

Souvenir postcard from Seoul, Korea

This postcard is from a 21-pc set entitled Painting of Flowers, Birds, Insects, and Fish. The set was printed by the Cultural Foundation of National Museum of Korea. This is among a few postcards from the set that I kept for myself as a souvenir from the trip back in mid-March.

DE-5853679, Sent from Potsdam
Traveled 9,947 km in 6 days

The label at the back of the postcard was in German. Roughly translated in English: I found them in the spring shadow, where I tied them with rosebands. I'm quite not sure whether the postcard should be in portrait or landscape orientation. The painting looks like a rose garden of mixed colors for me.

Given that this weekend's theme seems to be open for interpretation, I'm specially more excited to see the contributions this weekend.


Friday, April 20, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 82: Retro/vintage

For the theme retro/vintage for this weekend, here's a reproduction postcard of Jean Boisseau's first rare double hemisphere map of the world. The title on top reads Nouvelle et Exacte Description de la Terre Universelle. The map was first issued in Paris, France in 1636.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the scan for the back side of this postcard. I checked my account and it wasn't in my received postcards wall. Given how rare and beautiful this postcard is, I reckon I might have received it from a direct swap.

Happy weekend everyone!